Why Is That Faucet Dripping?


Faucet RepairThe most common cause for a dripping faucet is the stems that are under the handles. You know that every faucet or spigot in the house has a different handle, and these handles behave differently. Some handles are very tight, and they shut off the water easily. Other handles are very loose, and they may allow the faucet to drip if they cannot be turned off completely. These sort of issues are best handled by a professional plumber.

When you are wrestling with a faucet handle, you need to be very careful when pushing it closed. A faucet handle that is getting increasingly looser will eventually break or turn all the way around. You need to make sure that you are not allowing the faucet handle to continue to get looser. It is better if you have a plumber look at the faucet before it becomes so loose that it will never stop the flow of water.

When the faucet handle is very tight, you may have a water pressure problem in the house. A dripping faucet in the house can be caused by heavy water pressure coming from your well or local water company. The local water company may need to check the pressure coming into your house. If you have a well, you will need to have a plumber check the pressure coming from the well. The well pump may be too powerful, or you may have more natural pressure in the well than you thought.

Making sure that your faucets are not dripping is of the utmost importance when you are maintaining your home. A dripping faucet can cause you to lose sleep, will increase your water bill and may cause your drains to leak. A professional plumber can correct the problem with a little bit of investigation. Involving the local water company may also be necessary, but you can make the dripping stop one way or another.

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