Dangers Of Tree Roots In Your Sewer Line


Birmingham Sewer RepairMost experienced plumbing companies know the old mantra that says if you see one tree root in your sewer line, like cockroaches, there are more. Older homes that are located in neighborhoods that have been built up over many decades where small trees were planted and have now grown up to be mature trees, are usually the most susceptible to being the cause of tree roots in your sewer lines.

What homeowners need to be cognizant of is that drain clogs will happen. And if it’s an infrequent clog there are easy solutions to clear a drain where we can be in and out in a short amount of time. However if your drains begin to clog on a more frequent basis the conundrum may be exacerbated by tree roots in your sewer line. The warning signs are obvious. Overflowing toilets, tub and shower areas, slow-flowing drains occasionally accompanied by gurgling noises especially from the toilet. About this time the stages you go through will range from denial, anger, and finally acceptance. That said our plumbing company is feeling your pain and ready to solve your headache once and for all.

After a professional inspection of your home to verify that tree roots are the problem, we’ll contact the public works department to determine where sewer lines are located as well as locations of underground utilities. Some digging will be required to see what type of pipe was used and, in many cases, replace the pipe from the house to the street. All this can be costly which is why we apply two rules: inspect then give you, the homeowner, a firm quote.

Older homes and tree-lined street areas with sewers are where you’ll find that clay pipe or ABS Plastic were used that won’t last forever. Tree roots get their water, nutrients and oxygen by growing toward sewer lines. And when a tree root finds a leak, all of their other root buddies will join in the festivities and eventually inhibit water flow, cause blockages, and broken pipes. Inspection and maintenance is the solution. Contact us for more information.

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