How To Handle a Plumbing Emergency


Birmingham PlumberThere are many things that you can do to take action quickly if a plumbing emergency arises. It never fails, things like this will always happen at the wrong time. Usually, in the middle of the night, when you have company over or when you are getting ready to go off to work for the day.

The first thing that you don’t want to do is “panic” when you see the problem. The important task that must be done first, is to shut off the water. If you don’t know the entire way around your piping system, you can go directly to the main shutoff valve to turn off the water. Usually, the shutoff valve will either be in your basement or outside of your home.

Once you have the water shut off, you will want to start to contain the damage. You will want to mop and soak up the water right away. If your flooding is in the basement, you can get a push broom and push the water over to the drains. Once the water gets to the drains, it should go down fairly quickly. When the water is all cleaned up, you may want to put a fan out to dry the floor.

Wipe down and disinfect all of your items that have gotten wet, so they are free from any germs or bacteria. If carpet was damaged, you will want to pull it up and throw it away so that mold does not have time to grow.

Now it is time to make that call to the plumber so that he can get your water up and running properly again. Sometimes it can be a quick fix, and bigger issues can become costly to the homeowner. Most plumbing companies are available twenty-four hours and seven days a week waiting for your call.

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