Things to know about trenchless sewer pipe repairs


Things to know about trenchless sewer pipe repairsSewer pipes may require replacement if they are over 40 years old. Even in newer homes, the plumbing may be connected to older pipes, which means that sewer pipe repairs and replacements are a requirement for most homeowners at some point. Additionally, accidents, acts or nature, or imposing tree roots are common culprits of sewer pipe damage. Many consumers are unaware that there are trenchless techniques to repair these sewer lines that require minimal digging or damage to property.

The two most popular trenchless techniques are pipe lining and pipe bursting. A pipe liner can be installed in order to create a “pipe within a pipe.” Installation of a pipe liner is done by inserting a flexible tube that is coated with resin into the damaged pipe. The resin is inflated and will harden after several hours, effectively creating an entirely new pipe within the damaged or broken pipe. This technique will usually reduce the diameter of the pipe by about a quarter of an inch, however, this should not affect the pipe’s capacity to remove waste from the home.

The pipe bursting method includes the pulling of a brand new pipe through the broken pipe. This method requires two holes to be dug, compared to one hole with the pipe lining technique. The pipe bursting method is often the better choice for replacement of sewer pipes that have joints or a collapse, as long as there is enough room to pull a cable through.

Both methods are equally durable, and often are a more cost-effect solution to sewer repairs that involve the digging of a trench, although, cost can depend on current prices of materials, soil type, and depth of pipe lines. One of the biggest upsides to trenchless sewer pipe repair is that they involve minimal digging, and as a result, they will not ruin existing landscaping on the property.

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