Things to know about hydro jetting


Birmingham Hydro JettingGive your plumbing system same deep cleaning power that you get from power-washing. Hydro jetting uses high pressure jets of water to dislodge stubborn clogs via the clean out, an opening present in every plumbing system. The process is similar to power-washing in that it deeply cleans pipes in a way that a rooter cannot, removing small particles and other debris completely. It is especially effective against sand, grease, and other sediment clogs that are challenging to remove otherwise.

A reverse jet propels the high-strength nozzle forward through your pipes while the forward jet shoots pressurized water through the clog. This technique is uniquely effective in residential plumbing systems because waste is carried downstream by gravity, and the nozzle can reverse this flow temporarily to attack clogs from behind. The debris is then harmlessly flushed past the nozzle and out of your pipes.The powerful water jets are typically for use in commercial buildings, like schools or office buildings, but private residences also benefit from the uniquely high pressure of hydro jetting. The jets may reach a pressure up to 3500 psi, strong enough to dislodge rocks, sediment, roots, and any other obstruction. Hydro jetting is the best option for homeowners who want a serious solution to a serious clog.

However, some obstructions like roots may present many other problems to your plumbing system as they may return and require pipe replacement. An effective preventative measure is pip lining where pipes are coated with an epoxy that does not allow roots to penetrate. In order to get this protection, pipes must first undergo hydro jetting so that the epoxy will make an even and effective coating. If you suspect you may have root growth inside your pipes or suffer from recurring plumbing problems, hydro jetting is the best option because it will likely reduce the overall cost.

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