The Benefits of Having an Annual Drain Cleaning


Birmingham PlumberIt is understandable that preventative maintenance can help to extend the life of items in your home, but none more important than having an annual drain cleaning by a local plumbing professional.

The benefits are not only immediate, they are long-lasting for the system and for your bank account too. Here are just some of the reasons you should seriously consider having your plumbing system cleaned at least once each year.

Improved Flow of Water

During the course of everyday use, many items can get into the drain and cause a blockage further down the line. Food particles are a leading cause, and combined with grease and oils that find their way into the drains, can harden when cold, and cause a serious clog.

By having your local plumbing company do an annual drain cleaning you reduce the buildup of these contaminants in the plumbing. The end result, the water flows freely down the line and nothing is trapped to the interior of the pipes to restrict the flow.

Reducing Damage to Pipes

When you hire a local plumbing technician to clean your pipes each year, they utilize organic cleaning solutions that are designed to remove any debris without doing any damage to the inside of the pipes. Many people feel that buying a bottle of drain cleaner is a cheaper alternative, when it actually costs more in the end.

The toxic chemicals in liquid drain cleaners can easily eat away at the integrity of the inside of the pipe, making it much weaker in a shorter amount of time. This causes the entire system to be at risk because the strength of the pipes is not able to withstand the pressure it was designed to do as the chemicals in the drain cleaner eats away at it.

Keeping the System Running Efficiently

Birmingham Drain CleaningWhen you have your local plumbing company clean the drains each year, they are in the unique position of being able to carefully look at the inside of the pipes for any potential trouble.

This is where the annual cleaning really pays off because if a small problem can be repaired at a minimal cost today, it eliminates this issue from becoming a full blown costly emergency at the worst possible time.

The plumber has the experience to spot these troubles much easier than you could, saving you money and piece of mind in the end.

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