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Your home’s plumbing is of great importance to your health and comfort. Often neglected, the plumbing system of your home takes charge of distributing potable water, at your desired temperature, throughout all your house.

We understand that because of all the homeowning responsibilities, caring for your plumbing becomes a hassle, and quite frankly, a risk.

Luckily, Latta Plumbing is here to offer you with all sorts of plumbing services so that you don’t ever have to worry about technical issues.

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Can I Keep Drain Clogs from Happening?

With a little consistent effort, the drains in your Fultondale home can be kept clog-free. Annual maintenance is required if you want to be sure that your pipelines are thoroughly clean, but here are a few tips you can practice on your own:

Cooking Grease – Kitchen drains can clog very quickly if cooking grease is poured down them. Develop the habit of pouring warm grease into an aluminum can where it can solidify and be disposed of in the trash at a later time.

Garbage Disposal – Don’t overestimate how much your garbage disposal can grind through. A drain can clog when too much food is present, even if it is in the form of ground up particles.

Hair Deposits – Keep hair from accumulating in your bathroom sink before it begins to cause a clog. Also, about every three months, use an appropriate screwdriver to remove the screener from the shower. Scrub it to remove both hair and soap film. Screw it back into position when the job is complete.

Hot Water Flush – About once a week, pour boiling water into the bathroom and kitchen sink so that it can flush material accumulating in the drains. Address the bathtub drain by first filling the tub with hot water. Then remove the stopper so that the water can rush down the drain.

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Water Heater?

To a degree, getting the right water heater for your Fultondale home involves balance. It’s important to have adequate supplies of hot water, but too much capacity will mean that energy is being wasted to heat more water than is needed.

First Hour Rating – Look at the Energy Guide label to find what is called the “first-hour” rating. This rating establishes how much hot water will be available upon demand. One common calculation is to multiply 12 gallons times the number of bedrooms in the home, plus one. Therefore, a four-bedroom home will probably be well-served by a hot water heater with a first hour rating of 60. In general, gas water heaters will heat water more rapidly than electric water heaters, given tanks with identical capacities.

Energy Factor – The label also includes what is called the “Energy Factor.” The higher the number is, the more energy-efficient the heater will be. Heater costs rise for the most highly efficient models, so some homeowners will want to strike a balance between what is paid for the heater versus energy costs over the lifespan of the water heater. At the same time, any savings that very low-cost hot water heaters offer upfront will quickly be eaten up by higher energy costs in the future.

What Constitutes as a Plumbing Emergency?

Blocked Sewage Pipes – The foul stench resulting from a blocked sewer pipe is reason enough for this to be considered a plumbing emergency. In addition to the damage that the water can do, toxic fumes may be present. It is important to maintain thorough ventilation until the emergency plumber arrives, and to turn off the main water valve to the house.

Water Spewing – If a pipe of any type gets blocked to the point that water is spewing everywhere, it is vital to turn off the main water valve into the residence. Then, an emergency plumber can arrive, diagnose and remedy the problem. Failure to act quickly can cause expensive damage to furniture and carpeting. Carpeting that gets saturated may not always be salvageable.

At Latta Plumbing, our team is available to address your plumbing issues 24/7. When it comes to all of our professional services, our goal is to always get it right the first time. For very prompt and professional service, please call us today at (205) 631-6445.
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