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I recently bought 5yr old house, as soon as we moved in we noticed the kitchen sink was draining very slowly. We tried some drain cleaner to no avail, we had rotorooter out, they snaked the drain, still no good. We called Latta Plumbing, they came snaked the drain, still no help. They came back out the next day with an inspection camera and spotted what they thought was a rubber ball in the line. The techs were very persistent in trying to solve our problem. After they spotted the ball , they said they would be back the next day, they were going to consult with their boss about how to proceed as my new house sits on a slab. Needless to say I was becoming concerned about the problem. The guys came back the next day and gave me a best case/worst case price. Long story short the original manufacturer of the house had left a hydro testing check valve in the line that was supposed to be removed. They had to pull a few boards off the side of my house to get to it but they did and everything works great now. These guys were true professionals. Now don’t get me wrong it was not cheap, when all was said and done they probably had 12-14 hrs into the job and my bill was a little over $800, could have been much worse. I even got a thank you note from them a few days later thanking us for using their service. I would definitely recommend these guys! Shane T.

We had a gas stove installed in our home. I am very impressed with how quickly they were finished. They installed the line and my stove with no problems and cleaned up any mess they made. The price was great. Jessica J.

Scott Valentine did a good job, he was very friendly, answered all my questions, and was very considerate of our home making sure to keep our home clean as repairs were made. You have a good employee that is good with customers. Glenn C.

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