The Secret to Lowering Your Water Bill

Home owners can use over 20 gallons of water per day! Over 7 gallons of waters is used to take one shower. Conserving water can cut down water bill costs in half if done correctly. Here are multiple water conserving tips, that can be carried through with the help of professional plumbing services.

Check For Leaky Pipes and Faucets

The number one cause for high water bills is leaks. Many of the times, it is possible for a homeowner to tell if they have a leak simply by seeing a drop of water falling from the faucet into the sink on a continuous basis. This leak will persist even when the faucet valve is shut off. In rare cases, a leak can be occurring within the pipes. If this is the case, licensed professionals should be able to make a diagnosis and fix the problem. Preventive maintenance should be done on pipes at least once a year.

Time Your Showers For Under 5 Minutes

PlumbingIt can be quite soothing to take a long warm shower; especially after a long day at work. While this is tempting, long showers can lead up to 1000’s of gallons of water being wasted every month. Energy preservers recommend keeping showers to under five minutes. Less water is used for drawing baths than taking a shower; opt to take at least two baths per week to save on utility bills.

Purchase a Dual-Flush Toilet

Regular toilets can use more water to flush away waste. A dual-flush toilet has two flushing options. One option allows users to flush away liquid waste while the other allows for the flushing of solid waste. In any event, the homeowner will be saving tons of money in the process.

Plug Up The Sink When Shaving Or Washing Face

A lot of water can be wasted when letting it run while washing the face or shaving. Plugging up the sink and reusing the water to take care of hygiene cleansing and grooming is a good way to save over 300 gallons of water per month.

Invest in Water-Saving Aerators 

Putting aerators on the shower-heads and faucets can help a homeowner save gallons of water per day. There are many affordable water-saving devices available to the public online and via hardware stores.

Don’t Flush Waste Down the Toilet

It can be quite tempting to throw waste into the toilet, but in the long-run, it can prove to be an inconvenience. It takes more water to flush trash from the toilet into the sewage line. Place a small trash bin on the side of the toilet to lower water bill costs.

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