Thinking about remodeling your bathroom? Here’s a few good reasons why you should!


Birmingham Bathroom RemodelingWhen you walk into your bathroom you notice the same inadequacies you’ve noticed for the past 3 years. The wallpaper is older with a few rips or tears. The same leak is staining the tile, and the towel rack keeps falling. Now is the time to remodel your bathroom. Ask a plumber, and they will show you how to upgrade, while improving the quality of essential pipes and fixtures in your home. When you remodel your bathroom, a plumber may suggest replacing older pipes. Plumbing is essential in every home. a seasoned plumber will take the time to educate you about the changes you want to make in your bathroom, and how much it will cost you.

Added Value

If you plan to move in three months, or three years, and you want to remodel your bathroom or bathrooms, talk to a plumber. Then consider your priorities, and the value of your project. For example, real estate agents suggest an upgraded bathroom helps the resale value of homes. Whenever you plan to resell, you can’t go wrong if you add or change a few items in your bathroom. Before you install any of these features, make sure you consult a plumber. A reputable plumber is valuable when it comes to their knowledge about materials, manufacturers and models of items. They know what lasts and how long it takes to complete a task.

  • Faucets – Guest, and potential buyers look at your faucets. An attractive faucet sends a message. It says, this is a glamorous or well-kept home.
  • Toilets/toilet seat – A new toilet and toilet look clean and appealing to everyone who uses it. It assures a guest or purchaser that essential pipes are probably new.
  • Sinks – An upgraded sink or vanity is clean, and the designs are attractive, this means pipes are new.
  • Floors – Holes, rips and stains turn off the inhabitants, visitors or potential buyers. Nowadays manufacturers produce creative, sturdy flooring.

Birmingham PlumberSafety Upgrade

Safety is the utmost importance in bathrooms for everyone, especially children, elderly, and disabled.

  • Grab Bars make bathing or showering easier and promotes a steady environment for those who may feel unstable.
  • Safety Mats or not slip floors make it safe walking on a bathroom floor
  • Taller toilets make it safer for young children. An elevated toilet seat makes it simpler for the elderly, or disabled to reach the toilet with ease on the knees and back.


A good plumber is mainly concerned with saving you money, and getting the most efficient and effective input and output from the pipes they install.

  • Pipes heat and cool the water coming into your bathroom. Pipes correctly installed are the foundation of your home, especially the bathroom.

Three reasons to remodel your bathroom include the added value, safety upgrade, and efficiency you add to the value of your home can’t be overlooked. Ask a reputable plumber about materials, trends, and time involved in your project.

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