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If you are searching for a qualified technician who understands the ins and outs of leak detection, we can provide the right person for the job! 

Here are just a few indicators you have a leak:

  • 1. Hot spots on the floor
  • 2. Mildew under your carpet
  • 3. Abnormally high water bills
  • 4. Cracks in the walls or floor
    5. Running water sound when your water is off
  • 6. Pools of water under your carpet
  • 7. Bad or unusual smells coming from the walls, floor or outside

If you have any of these issues, it's important to call someone as soon as possible. Delayed repairs can cause extensive and much more expensive repairs. 

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Leak Detection Services in Birmingham AL
Some of the services we offer:

Slab Leak Detection & Repair 

Signs of leaking in a slab include cracks, mildew and even high water bills. We can provide a meter test to see what is going on. We can provide repairs without damaging your property. The earlier you call when you have the better, you will want to avoid extensive damage. 

Water Main Leak Detection

Do you have high water bills? Suspect you have a water leak? Water lines are usually located underground and difficult to access, we specialize in accessing these locations, diagnosing the probem, and repairing it. If you have a leak you need to call someone as soon as possible as it could lead to very extensive damage. 

Gas Line Leaks

Gas line leaks are very dangerous. If you smell gas you need to call someone as soon as possible. If you small fumes, see flames, hear hissing noises, have improper pipe temperature or have dead vegetation around your gas system you have a gas leak. Call us as soon as possible.

Irrigation Leak Detection 

If your irrigation system is malfunctioning you will want it repaired as soon as possible. Leaks in the irrigation system can show up in a variety of locations such as your gardens, the landscaping or in your safety sprinklers. Call us today, we have effective and affordable solutions. 

Commercial Leak Detection Services  

Latta Plumbing provides leak detection service and repairs for commercial as well as residential customers. We have the latest in leak detection technology to find exactly where your leak problem is. We will then offer the most cost effective solution to repair it. 

Sewer Line Leak Detection

Different types of sewer damage can include crushed pipes, intrusion by roots, cracking in the sewer lateral, blockage from debris or grease, leaking or seperation in the pipe joints. Possible signs of a sewer leak could be fowl or strange smells, backed up lines or even overgrown sections of grass in your yard. If you suspect you have a sewer line leak call us today for solutions!

We do so much more! Call today to inquire about ALL the leak detection services we offer!

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Complete & Leak Detection Services

  • We are a small family-owned business that has been around for over 30 years.
  •  We have highly qualified, friendly, and experienced staff.
  • We have advanced tools that help us to deliver exceptional results!
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"I have used Latta multiple times over the last 11 years and they have always come through for me. From clogged drains to installing hose bibs to installing under sink water filtration, they have been professional, courteous, and punctual. They are my go-to people for plumbing needs. I consider myself lucky to have found them early on." - J. Ewalt

"We had Latta come out and run a gas line for us so we could convert our stove to gas. Scott and his helper did a fantastic job! Super professional! They don't get any better than this!" - K. Bridges

"I have used Latta for many years now and have always been pleased with the service received. They go above and beyond to help customers! I wouldn't want to use anyone else. Thanks Latta!!" - K. Burrell

" Lamar and Danny from Latta Plumbing came to the rescue and were FANTASTIC! They were friendly, honest and made sure to explain everything to us as they fixed it quickly. My husband and I will HIGHLY recommend Latta to all of our family, friends and neighbors." - J. Sciacca

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