Frozen Pipes


Birmingham PlumberWhy Does A Plumbing System Freeze?

If you’re moving to an area where the weather can get very cold, you must be aware that your plumbing system can freeze during the cold times. If the weather goes below 32°F on any given day; depending on the plumbing system you have, the pipes may freeze. Plumbing systems freeze simply because there is not enough warmth to keep the pipes from freezing.

If you have pipes that are made of plastic or steel, they are less likely to freeze than pipes made of copper, which tend to freeze more often.

If the plumbing that’s installed in the home, doesn’t have insulation around it, or not enough to keep it warm, the pipes may freeze as well. There are several reasons why a plumbing system may freeze, but there are also several ways to keep this from happening.

How Can I Prevent This?

If you want to prevent your pipes from freezing, you must make a game plan prior to the weather getting too cold. If you know you will not be in the home during a short or long period of time, and the weather will be cold outside, plan ahead. If you’re leaving town for a few days, the least you should do is keep the Frozen Pipeshome warm by setting the thermostat to at least 70°F, so heat will continuously come on, and keep the home warm enough. By doing this, you have a less likely chance of coming back home to frozen pipes.

Another suggestion is to have a neighbor, friend, or family member look after your home. If they keep the home warm, or periodically run warm water through the pipes, it will help to keep them from freezing. If possible, put insulation onto your pipes, and wrap insulation around exposed pipes, such as the ones under sinks. Electric heat tape can also be wrapped around pipes to help keep them from freezing.

Why Is It Important To Keep This From Happening?

It’s very important to keep pipes from freezing because of the possible aftereffects. Once a pipe freezes, the expanding water can lead to a cracked pipe, which then can allow it to leak water, once it melts.

The leaking water can possibly lead to flooding, especially if you’re away from the home, or it’s in an area like the basement, and no one detects it. If you prevent frozen pipes, you’ll also prevent the costly repairs as well.

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