DIY Gone Wrong


Birmingham PlumberThree Reasons To Call In The Plumbing Pros

There is nothing worse or more annoying than a plumbing disaster at the start of a weekend. Many plumbing disasters can be easily fixed, some however, require some professional assistance. Here are 3 common plumbing situations and what can go awry.

Toilet Flushes Slowly, Sluggishly or Requires a Double Flush

There are a few possible reasons for this. There could be a clog, the tank could be filling slower than normal or there is a crack somewhere in the lines that is causing the toilet to leak or not flush properly.

The first thing most people do is use a plunger. If that doesn’t work they may try adding a bucket of water to the bowl to get the contents to flush down. Sometimes they will add the water to the tank and then hope the contents go down.

When none of the above work, it’s time to call in a plumber. There is a high likelihood that there could be a deep clog that is not accessible by the strength of the plunger, or there could be a crack or hole in one of the lines. Either way, a professional can resolve the problem with much less hassle than the average person.

Tub or Sink Gurgle When Toilet is Flushed

The vent pipe may be clogged. Run the garden hose down the vent pipe and turn it on. If the problem is resolved, great. However, it is vital to have someone watching indoors to ensure that there is not sudden flooding. If there is flooding or if it does not resolve the issue, this could be something very serious and it’s time to call in the pros.

Adjusting Drain Level In Tub

Birmingham DIY Gone WrongThere is nothing quite so annoying as taking a shower only to have the water go up to your knees. To fix this all that is needed is an adjustment on the overflow drain.

However, many well meaning homeowners have dismantled the unit only to find that it has a few challenges of its own. The first, and most annoying challenge, is to have a part drop down inside of the wall. It can take hours to fish it out.

A professional plumber will be better at this adjustment and have it done much more quickly than a do it yourself. Avoid the extra cost of having to fish those pieces out of the wall, call the pros the first time.

The above do it yourself plumbing repairs are pretty typical of what many homeowners try to repair on their own. These can lead to costly mistakes and a lot more of time and money in repairs if they are done wrong. Avoid such issues and call the pros to start with.

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