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Birmingham Water FiltrationAn in-home water filtration system can be a very beneficial asset to your family’s health. Some of the benefits of an in-home water filter include lead removal from older pipes, removal of chlorine byproducts which have been linked to increased risk of certain cancers, protection from water borne illnesses, reduced cost compared to bottled water and better tasting water for both cooking and drinking.

In-home water filtration systems can reduce the number of trace chemicals that are found in municipal water systems. Over 2,100 chemicals have been found in the U.S. water system and current treatment facilities do not have the capacity to remove them.

An in-home system can also provide more confidence of purity than bottled water. There are no current government standards that require bottled water to be any better than tap, nor requirements to divulge a company’s water source or purification methods. A home filtration system will give consumers more confidence that impurities, bacteria and chemicals do not end up in their family’s water supply.

Water filtration systems can cost much less than bottled water. Bottled water can cost several dollars a gallon, while an in-home filtration system can deliver better, safer quality water for just pennies per gallon.

In addition to being cost effective, home water filters are more environmentally friendly. Your water will never need to be packaged in expensive, wasteful bottles. It takes three times the amount of water to create a bottle as it does to fill it, and the fossil fuels used to ship these bottles add to the environmental burden of our planet’s energy supply. Additionally, many of the water bottles used end up in our landfills instead of being recycled, while a water filter is virtually pollution free.

You will never have to pay expensive delivery fees, lug heavy bottles to your door or worry about running out. In-home water filters provide convenience of safe, great tasting drinking water right from your tap, whenever you need it and without waste.

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