Is your plumbing up to speed?


Is your plumbing up to speed?For most homeowners, their home is their greatest investment. Keeping proper maintenance on your home is vital to preserving its value and safety for your family. One way to help maintain the good structure of your home is scheduling an annual leak detection service call.

The purpose of a leak detection service call is to detect any water leaks in your home before they cause a problem. Many times, the homeowner will be completely unaware of an existing leak until it is too late and the water leakage has caused extensive structural damage.

Some examples of potential structural damage that can be caused by undetected water leaks are damage to floors, adjacent walls and the increase of harmful mold growth. The damage to a floor can become considerable even with a small leak over time. What is worse is that the damage might only be visible in a small area of the floor, but it could be affecting the entire floor. The expense in repairing a floor could be a major disaster to a business owner or homeowner.

A huge reason to schedule an annual leak detection service call is to help control your monthly water bill. If there is an undetected leak in your home, this could cause a surge in the cost of your water bill. If your home runs on well water, you certainly would need to know if there is a water leak to prevent the chance of your well going dry. To bore or drill a new well could cost as much as $5,000.00, possibly more in other areas of the country.

Leak detention is a service which every homeowner should be aware of and should be using annually. The small cost of the service could potentially save the homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs and can help to insure the beauty and structure of the home for years to come.

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