Making Life Easier and More Hygienic with a Garbage Disposal


Birmingham Garbage DisposalHas it ever happened to you that you threw out the leftovers from last night that you couldn’t save. No big deal till you start to carry the bag and realize your cat poked a hole in it. Now there is day old dinner spilling everywhere.┬áThe garbage disposal was invented to make modern life easier and mess free. The first thing you’ll notice about having a garbage disposal is that you will need less garbage bags and the garbage you do have will smell less bad and be less gross to handle.

Clean up time is much quicker with a garbage disposal as all organic food waste (please no solids like napkins, bones, or plastic utensils) can go directly into the sink. With a little water and a flick of the switch, that dangerous game of getting the old food into the trash can and not on the floor becomes a thing of the past.

No more post soak clogging. In fact, not only will you be able to easily clear the drain with the garbage disposal after a long soak of gross dishes, but will actually extend the lifespan of your kitchen plumbing. Over time, old food builds up in the kitchen plumbing, even if you throw most of your food away. Over time, this old food can build up and require an expensive plumber repairs like snaking, or even full disassembly to clean out the blockage. This can be expensive and greatly disrupt the ongoing day to day operations of your kitchen.

While many homes only have one garbage disposal, some homes with double sink kitchens have to option to have two. While in a small family one sink would be fine for dealing with washing and processing old food and the second can be used for rinsing, in a larger family however or a household used to entertaining two garbage disposal can be invaluable.

If your home doesn’t have one already, consider contacting an electrician to see if your kitchen can be easily modified to accommodate a garbage disposal. If you have a dish washer, most of the electrical work is probably already there.

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